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Sasukerei Uchiha was born the younger brother of Tajima Uchiha, the Father of Madara and Izuna. Like his nephew's he awakened the Mangekyō Sharingan and Eventually the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan through a Transplant from a Comrade. When Madara led the Clan following Tajima's Death, Sasukerei had had enough of Fighting the Senju to a never ending stalemate. When he challenged Madara for leadership of the Clan, he Almost defeated him, but Madara managed to win by beating him in Taijutsu. Madara acknowledged his Uncle as the only Uchiha worthy of Leading the Clan should he be killed, but exiled him nonetheless.

Sasukerei eventually found his way to the Land of Dreams, where he swore an oath to guard Princess Kuria from any and all Threats. When the Land of Nightmares invaded Sasukerei fought on the front lines before being recalled where he helped the princess Freeze both Lands in Suspended Animation for over a Thousand Years, stuck in a Time Loop.


Early Childhood and Life

Land of Dreams

Founding Arashigakure